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Ecstasy – MDMA

The state of Arizona classifies ecstasy, or MDMA, as a dangerous drug. For first time offenders, possession of dangerous drugs can often be dismissed through a diversion program, but for repeat offenders a case involving ecstasy could result in a prison sentence. If you or someone that you know has been charged with an ecstasy drug crime, contact the Saldivar & Associates, PLLC today to explore your options regarding defending against the charge. With superior knowledge of the Arizona legal system and a professional background in prosecution, our office is able to help give you the guidance and advise you about how to best move forward with your defense. When seeking legal advice, you need a powerful defender if you want to avoid the consequences of conviction. You can feel confident in your choice with our firm on your side. Our first action will be to fully analyze the evidence, and to seek out the various options that could open the door to a positive verdict, such as police errors, lab errors, or other flaws. With early intervention in your case, it may be possible to avoid charges being filed at all. We act fast, and we know what we are doing in drug crime defense, and what it takes to get a positive outcome. Let us review the facts in your case at once, so we can advise you of the strategy that could be effective in your case.

A charge involving ecstasy possession, sale, or trafficking can destroy your future opportunities. You may have been involved in a party or other activity and not realized the consequences you could be dealing with if caught in possession of this controlled substance. With ecstasy being listed as a dangerous drug under state law, possession with intent to sell can lead to time in the state prison and even for a first offense. Other penalties include expensive fines, random drug testing, probation, and community service, based upon the quantity involved, and other factors such as the location of the alleged crime, and whether minors were involved. Let us help you if you have been charged with an ecstasy crime in Phoenix. Our legal team has exceptional qualifications to serve you, and we are ready to help you to fight back.

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