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Just as they are anywhere else in the United States, the sales of drugs are the focus of intense and vigilant law enforcement action. At the Law Offices of José A. Saldivar, we are equally dedicated and passionate about defending those who are suspected or charged with the sale of drugs in and around Phoenix. As a Criminal Defense Attorney with years of experience defending drug sale cases, he knows the flaws in the criminal justice system as well as anyone. If you have been charged with the sale of drugs in Arizona, please consider very carefully your choice of a Criminal Defense Attorney before hiring anyone to protect your legal rights and defend you against those charges.

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A conviction for the crime of the sale of drugs, depending upon the amount and type of drugs, can carry extremely harsh penalties, including long prison terms and costly fines. Certain cases involving large amounts may even result in the forfeiture of your home and other property if they are deemed to be the spoils of drug sales and the associated profits. Do not hastily hire an attorney based on word of mouth or convenience. If you are reading this and are seeking an attorney for yourself or a loved one, please contact our office today for a free initial consultation so that he can review the facts of the case, and advise you as to your options and why José offers Criminal Defense Representation which is second to none!

Many times, Sale of Narcotic Drugs and Sale of Dangerous Drugs charges will result from an undercover police operation where a plainclothes officer engages in a drug transaction. In addition to all other potential defenses that need to be evaluated, the legal defense of entrapment needs to be thoroughly investigated anytime an undercover purchase of drugs is made. Other defenses that may be available to persons charged with illegal sale of drugs in Phoenix includes illegal search, mistaken identity and improper chain of custody.


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